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My experience is the same as the others who are ticked off - there is no way to claim the so-called "Surprise $10 Free Gift". So deceptive & so wrong.

I will NEVER again purchase anything created, promoted, marketed by BulbHead. Also, I am reporting this company to the Consumer Protection Division of the Washington State Attorney General's Office. WA state has the most aggressively enforced consumer protection laws in the country & BulbHead needs to be investigated, prosecuted & fined.

I am also contacting Walgreen's where I purchased the product - hopefully Walgreen's will re-think carrying BulbHead products. Obviously BulbHead does not care about its customers and/or customer service - monetary penalties and/or loss of retail store sales should cause it to re-think using these deceptive practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

  • Free 10 Surprise Gift
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not easy ordering , must pay 9 extra dollars just to get product . but not bad product .site wont let me sign in


we like the flashlight,who cares about the surprise gift.As long as the flashlight works.i read all the comments sounds like all they want is your information and not send it to you.


yes yes


I agree. We received our spinscrubber today.

I tried to get to the non-existent web site, then contacted Bulb Head. The customer relations person told me to go to and there would be a place for me to enter my email address and get an authorization for $10 off my next purchase. If I had trouble to call her back. I tried to get the new website.

There is no such website.

I'm not going to call her back. I'm disgusted.


I just received the RED COPPER SQUARE pan and a Thank you $10 gift. I am not please with your gift card method of deceiving your customers.

I rather receive what I purchased only.

I am weary now what other schemes your company has up their sleeves. At this time I am strongly considering not purchasing anymore from your company.

If we are nice to buy your products then you should be more respectful to us.



Dose this site work?????


I have a THANK YOU for purchasing another of your hoses Bulb Head.

WeAre Giving You A Free Gift It States.

How do Redeem my are gift ?

Purchased on 1/22/17



well I used my 10. off on another copper pan plus another 10 for signing up for emails. my copper pan was 49.99


I'm not going to get wrapped around the axle over the surprise gift. I like the flashlight. I'm happy.


damit I thought they would be giving us a belt carrying case (my hopes are smashed forever)


I just got that same sinking feeling of getting taking advantage of again! We got the Copper roaster size pan as a gift to ourselves, after using it and liking it...we decided to buy the skillet size and use our $10 gift certificate. Then at the bottom of the certificate; "Valid for 5 days from date of receipt" which of course has run out as I was testing the pan!


As Colonel in the Air Force, this is true plus the Lithium batter promotion for $12.99 plus S/H is $3.00 more coupled with it will be 4 weeks to delay to rrceive the item.

Could not contact them on 1-800-943-0993

Would be cautious.



Well if they BS you on the free gift , I guess the copper pan is BS too , just to make a sale . I hope you go bankrupt .....

if enough people signed a complaint we could file suit . LETS.


I have been trying to claim my free gift from bulbhead and have not located it yet. I don't think it exist. I agree with all the complaints.


got mine.... just look for it.


I totally agree! I hope their product is better than their "surprise" gift! Please report this!q


I ordered my atomic beam through the mail and I actually got it BUT the free gift cannot be gotten


I also live in Washington state and agree 100% with you THERE IS NO WAY TO CLAIM SUPRRISE GIFT


I ordered two Atomic Beams i got five. also there was someone other them me was in my order.

Five Atomic Beams in my shipment . Costing my more than i need to spend. Shannon Waldrop @685 Kirkwood Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30316 I Got your stuff. Did you order 5 Beams?

At $89.95 the same thing I was Charged. ( How did this happen ? ) I called on this and the free gift. cant do that ether.



What you are doing is wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself I hope you get what's coming to you.

You should not be saying you are going to give a free gift if your not.

I will never buy any of your items agin. That's is just purchase was from walmart

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