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I tried to log on to and found nothing. So what is going on? It said I will receive a free gift worth $10.00/ No Strings Attached! I just bought the Star Shower Motion Laser Light and the coupon was in the box for claiming a free gift! I have not tried this yet as needs to be night time and dark! It looks very nice and I am hoping it will light up my home as it shows. Also hope it will last more than one year. From what I have read it appears to be a "winner" to me. So, thank you very much. But, right now I am wondering what my free gift will be and why can't I log on to the internet to find out. Please help me with this and give me an answer. So, thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you with this problem.

Rosalie M. Oropesa

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: get my promised free gift for buying Star Shower Motion LaserLight..

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I purchased ped egg Powerball n when i went to charge it with adapter, it would not fit in the plug. So, i got one time use only, cuz I cannot get it to charge.

Anybody have that problem?

What should i do, or can it b resolved???? I'm pissed cuz i think it was expensive, but the use i did get, i liked.


I like the unit fine I love the colors on my porch and in my trees .I live in country so we face it in the trees and they sparkle like we have put lights them clean to the top, but when I am promised a free gift I expect to get it. so I feel I was taken in that matter


Well, I don't know about you guys, but mine was a new Lexus. White of course with all the bells and whistles


You DAs need to be putting .com after it it works just fine..


What is my free gift you only have five day i like my light s that i got we all should get are free gift you get something you should get it


Its a poor day on this earth when you are told you get a free gift and then find out its not free its a scam by the company that wants you to buy but they give nothing well some one needs to do something about it like turn them in to the BBB. my be I will if a lot of people did this my be some thing will be done a bout the scammers.


I just got the Top Brass BulleBullet today and I will buy another one very soon


I bought a Red Copper skillet it had a paper on it that said goto to get my free 10 dollar gift or is this just a scam


To claim your surprise gift with a $10 value, call Customer Service at 1-800-887-2717 - See more at:


Bought the small square skillet and cannot find where to find my

$10 gift. What is going on?

Shady stuff and false advertising.


To claim your surprise gift with a $10 value, call Customer Service at 1-800-887-2717 - See more at:


The gift is a $10 coupon after signing up for email !


If you read the offer it is a "free" gift of $10 off a purchase after you sign up for the email. The little surprise box states $10 dollar value.

The gift is the 10 dollars off. Technically not a scam.


same here got to be a scam


false advertisement. will have to check with better business bureau.


I bought a large copper chief pan at got a paper with my pan said for me to go to went there didn't see anything for me to accept for $10 free gift for the purchase of this pan.


I'm with all the are crooks, deceptive advertising. Merry Christmas thieves.


i got the lights today for xmas


please send me my gift that you promosed.

Rev Dr Philip Hemke


I tried to get my free gift but all I got was bend over and here it comes ...............sucked

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