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i am not pleased with the skillet.the underneath part which is red has pealed off in several spots...the very first time i used it...I am very picky with my cookwear and i don't like the looks of this..looks like i have had it forever instead of use of it one time... This is the square Red says lifetime warranty but I assume this is not going to happen...

it has also got red paint on the underneath part on the silver circle in the middle...i was very unhappy with the way it looks from one time using it. I will not recommend this to my friends unless some may not care what it looks like but i sure do...I want my skillets to look new and shinny.. I also tried the surprise gift...well that wasn't good either..its like trying to write a book to do this...wouldn't let you log in and then another screen and so on and so on !!!!! I think your advertisement of a fee gift should be taken off that says Coppersurprise !!!!

I did not mean to sound hateful in writing this I just wanted to say I was very unhappy with this product..the skillet itself worked very nicely. it did not stick and did everything just like you advertised it would do..but the outside appearance is not good.

I would love to do business again with you because we love the product. If this hasn't happened to anyone it could be I just got a faulty skillet..If this be the case maybe I could be sent another skillet to see if another skillet would do the same thing..

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Copper Frying Pan.

Reason of review: red painting coming off skilet.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Bulbhead, your product is just as good as your word. This is just another company that OFFERS and doesn't deliver.

I won't be using BULBHEAD again. You should read the comments about you, someday they will catch up and your sales hopefully will go down. I'll wait till Bed-Bath&... or Walm...

or Targ... or any other department store sell it.

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