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I already complained about the cords on the Star Shower. Even though the tv add says they can go through rain, snow and weather, the cords go bad and they will not replace them.

We bought eight the first year they came out and two more last year (what were we thinking?) We will never buy another product and will tell every one about this company. And, call the Better Business Bureau!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Star Shower Projector.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same problem with 5 of my Star Shower Motion units and was willing to purchase new cords and called BulbHead (800-887-2717 use option 4 ) and they informed me that they don't sell replacement parts , and mentioned that I should go to a local hardware store for the power supply and cord ( like Home Depot, Lowes , ACE has these - nope, I checked ) - so you are forced to create a power supply /cord/ plug setup ( if you have that kind of background) or buy a new Star Shower. This is just plain stupid - it seems Bulbhead could make money on the replacement cords ( I'm guessing $5 ) and keep customers less aggravated with the product .

PS: We are looking into how to make these power supplies with cord and input plug - if we are successful , we will do a repost on how to make them and the general cost ... the main issue is the plug that fits into the back of the unit ( this is where the power cord fails / frays off plug ) - if we find the same basic plug - the rest should be easy and will be safer that the original...

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