I bought the Red Copper Pan and when I opened the package there was a "FREE GIFT" coupon inside. I followed the instructions of the coupon but my browser could not connect to that exact website.

What did show up was all the "pissed off consumers" comments. I just went to their 800 number and got thru to a representative who was VERY polite and courteous. She offered either a 10 dollar credit towards my next purchase or the free gift. I chose the free gift surprise.

She gave me an order tracking number and said it should arrive within 7 days. NO PROBLEM!

Everything in this world does not come instantly. Some things take a bit longer

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Bulbhead Pros: Respect and courtesy from customer service representative.

Bulbhead Cons: Website could be a bit better to navigate.

  • Free Surprise Gift
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Some things DON'T COME AT ALL. Waiting 4 weeks for a product and then having the order cancelled because of the lame excuse of a depleted inventory is not what I call customer service by any stretch of the imagination. If their inventory is depleted then they should deactivate their website for the product until they receive new inventory.


Did you get your free gift in the mail?


YES! It arrived exactly one week later. It was a tube of super epoxy style glue which has been Very useful with my HO scale train modelling and repairs.


Thank you very much for your appreciation!

Such positive responses motivate the Customer Support Team to provide better services to all our customers. We look forward to serve you more in future.


I just went through the same thing. When I called customer service, they said $10 of $20 or more purchase or a gift worth $10. They said the free gift would be a tube of super glue lol


did you have to give your credit card number. that's all i need to know.

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