Bulbhead - Black off Activated charcoal mask

The mask supports to be a pull of mask, it took off my skin color , i give myself a facial may 8,2018 it been 2 months now and still no color back in parts of my face. I'm a African American person and I hate the way my face look. My home num is 718-712-5426 i hope your contact me soon. My Email,

Bulbhead - Bug zapper outdoor light

It's,never zapped anything since I turned it on....its just a blue not buy this product! Customer service said they'd take care of it,,,blah,blah,blah nothing happened and repeat calls only get u another service person who starts u all over and lies about fixing the problem....don't buy any *** from these ***
I recently bought two Atomic Beam flashlights. Each package with a yellow insert promising "We are giving you a Free Gift with $10 value!" The product works fine, but the "free gift" can't be found. I might purchase another Atomic Beam USA flashlight, but won't fall...
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Save your self some money and if you want to buy water balloons, purchase Bunch Of Balloons. We purchased Easy Einstein Balloons and at least 40 of them went flat from leaking before we could even throw them and most of the rest were considerably smaller balloons...
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Frying a burger on medium heat (glass top stove) the entire pan became covered with a dark film that would not come off. Pan under burger was not effected. This was first time it happened. Discoloration ( darki rough greasy film) . tried paint thinner: nothing Finally...
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Bulbhead company sells nothing but crap. There are no good deals there. Save your money.....this company is a total scam. Bought two hoses and nozzles, all in the garbage now.. Hoses leak from many areas and nozzles aren't worth a *** You get completely soaked using...
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I didn't like
  • Horrible products
I placed an order with this company for a Bavarian edge knife sharpener. On May 17th they took money off my card, then on the 24th they again took money from my card. We called to question them, and was told the original money didn't come off, yet it shows the amount...
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I didn't like
  • And say you dint
  • You takeing the monet twice from my account

Bulbhead - Two bullet hoses leaked within 2 weeks

I purchased two bullet hoses and within two weeks each one leaks. Poorly manufactured product fraudulently promoted.
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I made a single purchase a year ago. They started charged my credit card every few months a $14.99 "fee" for absolutely *nothing*. I called them and they gave me the runaround but finally said they'd cancel it. Claiming that I signed up for this mystery service that...
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i ordered a 50ft brass bullet pocket hose for $29.99 and got the second 50ft hose for 16.99. I received the product within 10 days of ordering, but what they sent was a pocket hose with plastic fittings and nozzle. When i called to complain, i was offered a $10 refund....
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don Wilson

Don't order from this company they are slow at responding and getting your order to you. Go and order your items from someone else who are more efficient.