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Just got new red copper pan and noticed it wont sit flat on glass stove top burner , thought is was warped but its the bulbhead logo on bottom. Iwould like my money back or a replacement pan without logo that will sit flat.Seems to be a good cook surface so far but that placement of logo was the work of some useful idiots,and if the pan doesnt sit flat it wont cook evenly in oven or stove top.Very disappointed in the companys ignorance >I guess COMMON SENSE>>JUST IS N0T VERY COMMON ANYMORE. EPIC FAIL BULBHEAD>> DONT BUY THIS RED COPPER TV PAN UNTIL THEY FIX THE LOGO PLACEMENT

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Copper Frying Pan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why doesn't this sit flat? Why put a logo on bottom?

Who owns an electric coil stove top anymore? Gas...fine.

Why isn't there a warning on the packaging?

Stupid is as stupid does. Just lost my business.


Hi, Thank you for your feedback. The Red Copper was not designed to work on the glass top or flat top stoves.

Owners of glass top stoves are cautioned to use only certain types of cook ware on their delicate stoves. The probability of scratching that delicate surface is more likely with pans not designed to be used on that surface.

The new addition to the BH logo on the bottom of the Red Copper Fry plan works just fine on electric and/or gas ranges.

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If Pan don't work on glass top stove. It should say on package.

I also bought one from wally world and now have to return it. Isn't that the stove is delicate it's that the pan is poorly designed

@Dave 5

I just found out same problem. What a bunch of dummies.

@Dave 5

Same here. What a stupid design. Waste of money.


I agree with the customers. I think refunds are warrantable. I also purchased and have a glass top stove.

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