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My first review ever, so this means I am thoroughly pissed to take the time out of my day. This will be long as it was a long process.

On October 23, 2017, I ordered 2 of the Red Copper Pan bundle for Christmas presents. I received no typical confirmation (email) so on October 31, 2017, I went to check the status. When I pulled up the website, it showed I had 2 items in the cart. So I assumed I failed to complete the order correctly, so I reordered the 2 bundles.

This time I printed the confirmation out. Still no confirmation email. Again, I waited a few days then checked the status. It still showed 2 items in the cart when I pulled up the site.

That made me curious so I then attempted a status check. My order number would not pull up, so I called and was informed that I in fact do have 2 orders pending. I did not need 4 sets, so I cancelled the order placed on Oct. 31, thinking I would get the shipment faster if I left the first order in place.

The Customer Service representative tried to get me to keep the order in place by offering me a $50.00 discount on the second order.(remember thisI of course said no, I don't need 4 sets. Then....I waited about a week and started checking the status every few days in anticipation of the shipment. It continued to show committed. I did receive a card in the mail in November stating the order was on back order.

So, I quit checking the status everyday and checked once a week. Well, I checked on Dec. 16, 2017 and the status showed cancelled. Of course, I thought it had to be a mistake, so I called CS and was told they cancelled my order internally due to lack of inventory.

No notice, no email, no phone call, Just flat out cancelled. The one positive is they did not charge me for the order.(remember this) So I was informed I would have to go back to the site and reorder. That confused me, in that why cant they just process a new order for me? Well, I was informed no I have to go to the site.

I then asked what they could do for me since they were the one to cancel me without any notice, keeping in mind I was previously offered a $50.00 discount to keep and order I didn't need. I was told we are sorry for the inconvenience, but cannot offer you anything. I then asked for a supervisor, which of course was informed they are all busy. (Imagine that, trying to keep up with all the pissed customers) She said she could order a supervisor to call me within 48 hours and that was the best she could do.

I waited and waited, no phone call. So I call back on the Dec. 18, 2017. so of course I had to go through all the substantiating my account.

I immediately ask for a supervisor. Nope, not available. I then informed them I would call back until I spoke to one, I also sent them an email. Well, the response to my email was informing me my order had been cancelled to please call CS.

Miraculously when I threatened to not go away, a supervisor becomes available. And yet again, I had to go through the entire scenario with him and ask what he could do for me. He said we are very sorry, but cant do anything. You can reorder online.

I then told him about the $50.00 discount I was offered to keep 2 extra bundles I didn't even need. So he did say he would give me a $50.00 discount, but I still had to go to the site to order. I asked him for a code to apply the discount. He said there is no code, just trust him that he has put it in the notes and gave me his name.

Mervyn and said again, just trust me. I would have to go place the order and then call back in a couple days to have the discount applied. Well, stupid me. I trusted him.

I placed a new order that very day. The next day the full $299.98 showed as a pending charge on my account. That made me think, oh good this time its actually going to get shipped to me. On Dec.

21, 2017, I call to have the discount applied. I explained that the full amount is pending on my account and was insured it would remain pending until the shipment was ready and then the 50.00 discount would be applied before it went through. She assured me on 249.98 would be charged. I believed her because the original order never charged to my account.

So I watched to account, on Dec. 27, 2017 the full amount of 299.98 charged to my account. This account is an account I strictly use for online orders due to fraud, so I only keep enough in it to cover my orders. So, I was expecting a charge of the 249.98.

I had enough in it for that. Due to full amount charging, it caused an overdraft charge of 35.00. I thought well at least it has shipped. Waiting, waiting, waiting....*** no.

On Jan. 17, 2018 the charge was reversed and put back in my account. So pissed, I checked the status and it showed cancelled. More pissed.

I call, go through all the crap you have to go through to verify who you are. Then told again, it was cancelled internally due to lack of inventory. Even more pissed. Ask for a supervisor.

This one said to go back in and reorder and they will give me the best deal available at the time. He said they have no means to refund me the overdraft charge they caused. I'm done with them.

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. Red Copper pans are a fabulous product, I don't know why they don't just have their own website to order direct.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Bulbhead Cons: Too long shipping time and poor customer service.

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