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Received my order through Collections Inc. with the free gift coupon.

Immediately tried the website listed; then tried and of course there is no Free Gift valued at $10. Major consumer ripoff, again. Tried to contact Collections, Inc. regarding this "free gift" certificate with my order receipt, but it is not their problem, but goes back to BulbHead and the website listed which does not exist as written. does nothing. My "coupon" expires 5 days from receipt date and that is today.

The company should be held liable for false or otherwise phony advertising. Companies handling BulbHead products should stop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I did go there and what it is is a coupon for $10.00 off your next purchace on there web sight and that is all that is not what I call a free gift


I have had the same problem


Bought from yesterday at Walmart and couldn't find the link for " Free Gift " valid for 5 days from date of receipt $10!But look at the bottom of surprise card

* see site for details. We reserve the right to change or cancel this promotion without notice.

Feeling bad !


Also just bought the spinscrubber as it is now available at Walmart. Didn't realize it came with a free gift, but was also disappointed to find out it really doesn't. But after looking closer at the "free gift" coupon it states that they reserve the right to change or cancel this promotion without notice....unless they just now started putting that on here, in which case why put the "free gift" coupon in with the product at all?


Just bought and opened my spinscrubber also had the coupon but it does say we reserve the right to change or cancel this promotion without notice. Have the product charging so hope it works well as I am a senior citizen and have trouble cleaning some things in my home 01/26/2017


I have had the similar experience. This is a scam!


I had the same experience....I bought the Spinscrubber at Bed, Bath and Beyond and would think they'd be aware of the nonsense with this fake "free gift" and take steps to have the coupon removed from the item they are selling.


Why isn't there a free gift as promised? Didn't buy the product

for a free gift but was disappointed when I went online as instructed and saw that no free gift existed.

Why say there is when there isn't. NOT HAPPY WITH THE COMPANY AS OF NOW.


The Spin Scrubber is pretty cool...but, as far as the Free $10 doesn't exist. What a rip.

Been trying to find the offer for 5 is tomorrow, false advertising...pretty much a fake. Thanks for nothing guys.


I fell for it too! The scrubber looks good but have not tried it yet. I hope it has a better reputation than Bulb Head peoples!


Well I just purchased the spin scrubber and got the "Free Gift Certificate" valid for 5 days from purchase but day 1 I could not find the link. Instead I found a google page with other disappointed consumers.

BulbHead is about to get a negative reputation over something you didn't need to put in your packaging. But a promise is a promise.

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