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I noticed a $14.99 reoccurring charge on my bank statement. They said I bought a anklelet in 2017and I signed up to get discounts,etc.

I didn't remember signing up, so I have been charged 14.99 for over two years!!!!!! Stay away from bulb head

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same thing happened to my dad. They said he agreed to the discount, which costs a dollar the first month to buy in, then $14.99 after.

They said the magic ear he bought was discounted through that membership. Yet the magic ear could be bought on amazon for cheaper - and it didn’t work. My dad caught it after 5 charges. Call the 800 number that’s associated with the ‘Everyday Savings’ charge and ask for a refund.

If they don’t give you one, contact the BBB. I called and they only acknowledged 4 out of 5 of the charges, and promised to pay those 4 charges back.

Which is better than nothing. But I’m tempted to reach out to the BBB and complain about business practices that I believe are targeting and taking advantage of the elderly.

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