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Dear BulbHead

I have been to all listed sites that Google too, I did not find the free gift site. This is very poor business, you led me down a path of BulbHead products and still no free gift site located. You as a business expected that John Q. Public would purchase products from you and yet you deceived customers into thinking they were getting a free ten dollar gift. Shame on you. You have lost me as an customer in buying any other of your product. WHY DID YOU EVEN PUT A FREE GIFT COUPON IN THE PRODUCT BOX? You are losing return customer business.. K. Smith

179122 N. 286o rd Comanche, Oklahoma 73529

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Coupon.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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i agree its cheap of this co i wont or any one i know buy from this cheap co


I don't think it is a good way to strum up business Ten dollar bait line to attract the gullibles in the fish TANK Jaws (the customer may come out)

i read the fine print



received same thank you letter.nothing for free.on site .ive purchased their produtcts however no free gift.so read fine print.oh theres not any.but does say they can change promotion without notice.cant trust company that lures you in to get you to buy more .selfish &unprofessional.


Disappointed another customer. There is no gift so why waste your time trying to find the right site.


I'm wanting my freee gift please


I too am disappointed regarding bulbhead.com/swab surprise. Why even mention a fee gift you if are just lying. Lost this customer


What a joke. Give you a site to go to and can't find it.

But I'm not out, my lanterns are nice and I didn't expect a free gift anyway.

I just won't do business with these folks again. Next time I might not even get what I paid for.


I agree wish .com is a lot better we pay a lot on here and nothing works its a rip off


I lie your swabsurprise they work good

thank you


I have been buying from you a long time to be deceive by cupon

if you are not for real with STOP lying

jewel franklin


I hope our men and women serving our nation don't get ripped off the of like. some of people did,, that's a crying shame that we pay for a flashlight life time warranty and don't get nowhere,,,. (Last time buyer here), people that are going threw , join wish they have better lights for less than a third of the price


Kenneth Miller, I thought you said that were unbreakable, I went to put in my batteries in and dropped the end of push button part flew apart,i tried calling you people that I want my money , , I ordered two lights and got four, Come on people get your out of your pututes, get on the ball,, if you don't want to give me a new one I would swap my light for lantern light,plowboyspike64@gmail.com


i purchased a three pack of these lights, was promised a 20.00 dollar rebate. i got a ten dollar gift certificate in each box, and the email address does not work.

thats 50.00 dollars total, and im very disappointed at bulb head. my last order.


Where is my free gift is my question next month your question will be where are all our customers ???


I agree with everyone. this is bs. I found nothing about free gift.

will not buy another light.


Want to get free gift please.


Amen. Not able to redeem my $10.00 gift.

What's up with that.

Faults advertising. Not impressed.


Agree , I had the same experience and feel the same way.


These people are nothing but royal rip off artists

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