Tucson, Arizona

Surprise! You get NOTHING for the 'Free Gift' ad.

I thought something was not right when I called them about the Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger and talked to a machine about my name, address, and last but not least, my credit card number. I was told by the machine that a confirmation number would be emailed to me with the purchase order number also. You guessed it, it never showed up. Now I'm really pissed.

No free gift, no confirmation or order number and they have my credit card number. Yes, that was *** of me.

I say we sue the bastards, burn down their homes, kill their pets... you get the idea.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Deal.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bulbhead Pros: Your commercial was good.

Bulbhead Cons: No free gift as advertised, False advertising, Being lied to.

  • Fraudulent offers
  • Free Surprise Gift
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Im not happy with trying to locate the page given. The coupon States it's a free gift and they're asking me to order stuff first that was not what was stated on the form.


I signed on to BulbHead.com/swabsurprise and could not find how to get the free gift. Is this a scam????




Surprise No Free Anything. Flashlight is still great though!


The BulbHead $10 certificate was in there so I tried to see what was available. NOTHING.


nice thank you, but as I am reading, this is a scam.oh well, what else is there today.


I agree that we need to sue this company for false advertisement. From reading all the reviews on not receiving refunds, poor quality items, etc.

somewhere they should be stopped from ripping people off.

I returned a product to them to Van Nuys, CA, they still have not refunded my credit card AND they have the product too. BIG SCAMMERS - RIP OFFS.


Another dissatisfied customer. I bought the Battlevision glasses.

The BulbHead $10 certificate was in there so I tried to see what was available. NOTHING.


What a scam. You cant open the BulbHead atomicbeamsurprise sight to claim your free $10.

gift. Bull wash.


its a lie scam


Scam ! No free gift.


they lied to us for a free gift


Also no free gift, no place to go and look for it...a ho ls


Bought one for my neighbor who cooks for Seniors in our building....she was disappointed also no free gift.....she doesn't have much and would have liked a free gift....


I spent enough to get the pans why should I buy something more when it sat free gift.....***....


no free gift here either


THIS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!!! probably will be disappointed with my purchase.

It's a shame that people does this false advertising. Again it's a Scam people.....


This company sucks ,lies about free gift, my ***


There does not appear to be a free gift went to the site could not find it Is this a scam?


Just bought Red copper Square ; has a card that has NO STRINGS ATTACHED but can not get into sight What is wrong here false ad . Leave this card out of box and all will be well. Maybe.

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