After seeing so many unhappy people who couldn't find out how to get their $10 surprise free gift from BulbHead.com, I had to see if I could figure it out, especially since I had just bought a BulbHead item today that came with one of their $10 Free Gift coupons. After trying a few things, I figured it out: 1) Go to their web site "Bulbhead.com" (the link they give you doesn't take you to the area you need); 2) type into their SEARCH box: SURPRISE FREE GIFT; 3) This takes you directly to a page that gives you a 14 digit code to use in their Promotional Code box when you place an order (the Code starts with SURP and is followed by 10 numbers); 4) I ordered a couple of things, typed in the Code I had been given, and immediately the $10 credit was subtracted from my order total.

I agree that this is misleading and difficult to figure out. They should have said it was a $10 credit on your next order if placed within 5 days from the BulbHead item you just purchased. I hate it when they do this type of thing.

But, I am happy with my purchase and looking forward to the 2 items I just placed with my $10-off coupon!! I hope this helps some of you if it's not too late.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead 10 Dollar Off Coupon.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Bulbhead Pros: Unusual products and prices.

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I just tried to enter 'surprise gift ' in the search bar and nothing! So I called and they said they have "revised" the coupon to now offer 10% off instead!

can you say'SCAM & RIPOFF!!?" how as a company do you place all of these inserts into your products and then do a flip?!

Bye....bye! Now you get ZERO


Tried via the company website....got 404 page not found. I guess they figured out how to try and claim the free gift.....what a scam.....shame on you bulbhead


en Perú a esto se llama estafar al público y es penado


it should have said free $10 gift coupon towards next purchase


That a wonderful thing about this product because it is a great item to have.


I figured this out also and used it but it is very misleading.


This product is truly amazing I love it it cleans very well


me too ,no cash just promo's *** to get you to spend more money with anybody that is selling something , just a fake add 10.00 to spend with them not cash back sorry about my luck !!! good bye bulbhead *** !!!!!


This was very misleading, to say the least. Not that the product is not good, but to say they are giving a "FREE GIFT" is not, not I say, $10 off another purchase.

That is false advertising!!!! I have a dislike for ANY company who tries to pull such things like this. Fact is, we as consumers must keep out eyes out for marketing tricks like this.

The statement "if it sounds to good to be true, it's probably false" stands true in this case. It's not the $10 surprise that *** me off, it's the lies these marketers put to the consumers.....just sayin"!


Bunch of freeloading cheapskates! Most of the people that would visit this site have at least a little money to spend...SO SPEND A LITTLE!

You guys sound like after posting your comment you’re headed for the soup kitchen! In the immortal words of George Lopez, “De loca!”


I love the light


I agree.

giving us 1.5 or 2 or 3 dollars as coupons. Why don't you just give me the $10.00 so I can buy what ever I like.

No thanks


The free gift is a $10 coupon off your next order. Don’t waste your time unless you plan to order something else from them.


Is not ok to used $10 to next purchase .They teel me I can redeem now layer,layer layer.Were is my second Black off free .pay only S/H.


Most of these outfits are full of shiet! All promise something for nothing, come-on!

Free, free for a fee, double your offer for a SMALL fee plus double P&H, DUH! So you end up paying double.


Fake bs nothing is free!! Just another person to add to the disappointment list


I couldn't see it PLEASE stop THIS


Just another fake add to make you think they are giving you something for nothing. Very hard to find the right spot to go to,to find where the free thing is because there is nothing free if you have to buy something to get the $10.00 gift.

Does not make me want to buy anything from them.

Now they will not let me post even after I read their terms. They do not give you any place to accept.


Anytime i see bulbhead on a product, i will know not to buy it and i will discourage people who may be in the market for buying one of their products, not to buy it as well!


This is not a gift... It is just away this company has to get more money from a buyer...

I have order 2 time and the 10.00 that I was to get off the order this time was not used... I will rethink my ordering from BubHead again..