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Bulbhead - Red Copper Pan will not sit flat on any surface. 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Experiences such as this is why I hate to order online.Products such as these so called nonstick pans are a farce. Shame on you for paying a poor old lady to lie about these pans being stick free. Only had mine for two months and I have to clean them with a steel wool pad. Your reputation has gone south as far as I'm concerned. Why would you risk losing customers with deceptive means. Is money that important to you? If it is make sure you test...
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I liked
  • Expedient delivery
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  • Quality of product
I bought a Red Copper pan. The non-stick part is great, but by design, the pan is incapable of sitting flat on the stove. Why? Because Bulbhead decided to put their Logo in the center of the pan bottom and raised it 1/16 of an inch above the surface of the pan bottom. The logo is about an inch in diameter. Therefore the pan rocks on the logo when it should sit flat on the burner. I have to increase heat from medium to high to accomodate...
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