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The hose I bought at HD only lasted for 4 uses. Only used to water flowers on porch.

I was very careful not to abuse or misuse.

I drained and stored hose after every use. Do not buy this hose

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Pocket Hose.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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These hoses are junk do not buy them mine only lasted 36 hours under normal garden hose pressure


We purchased a hose as well&like your self

We used it also to water plants on the patio,carefully put it back each time

Now it leaks "like a leaky boat",from the male end that attaches to your sprayer

Pity really as it looks like a nice product when purchased


I also bought the 75 foot hose & it lasted 5 days before it sprung leaks everywhere. I used it water my flower garden only.

I had already thrown away the receipt & packaging so no return.

I thought maybe it was just a lemon so the following week I bought another. I liked the lightweight & how easy it was to roll up but AGAIN after just a few uses it leaks everywhere, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS JUNK, By the way they were 40.00 each.