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Yes I just tried to call the number that they give you on the website that's +1-800-877-2717 this number does not lead you to nothing but offers they offer you a medical alert they offer you a $100 gift card to Walmart Target they offer you a Hawaii trip they offer you a trip to Florida they offer you all these things but you have to give them your credit card information so in other words you're paying for this another thing I paid 1998 for one of their flashlights this came with the flashlight did this get a free gift of $10 they're not going to give you nothing this is a waste of time and I will never ever purchased anything from them I've gotten so many things from them and I never will do it again because that's not right to trick the consumer that buys merchandise from you

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I don't know what's can you people are pulling but this is ridiculous I called the number +1-800-877-2717 and they tried to sell me a Life Alert what is that they tried to sell me a gift card to Walmart and Target but I have to give them my credit card to put a dollar 98 on my credit card that's crazy then I want to Hawaii trip and then I want a Florida trip and all these offers that they keep on giving you Insurance in all this *** I mean it's just $10 that you're offering the consumer that buys your merchandise what's the big deal is this a scam are you people scamming the public with this