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Is the symbol in the back of pan PERMANENT? After cooking with my brand new pan,(1st time use), I turned pan over to wash the outer side and noticed the symbol bleeding red streaks on the outer edge of the symbol/emblem.

Is this normal? Please be honest; greatly appreciated. Actually I purchased 2 of your Bulbhead pans; I gave one to my son. I thought it was like the Gotham.

However, after using your product; it cooked very nice. I'm concerned with the symbol burning off and if eventually effect the performance, or possibly may start a fire from my gas stove. I purchased my 10" pan - Bulbhead at Bed Bath & Beyond I purchased a 15" Gotham copper pan and the symbol Gotham was embedded on the back of the pan. I love the Gotham Pan; no problems with it.

Used it for several times. Thank you for looking into my worries regarding your product.

And I am NOT pissed off; just curious. Sincerely, Anna

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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