If all of you dissatisfied customers would take the time to call the 800# on BulbHeads webpage you would discover that the $10 gift offer is on your next purchase with BulbHead. If you are not satisfied with that deal then the customer service rep.

will give you a choice of a free gift they are offering at the time you call. I am receiving Laser Bond for free with no shipping charge. That suits me fine!!! Writing a nasty review before you have all the facts is not worthy of you or the company you are writing about.

I am a satisfied customer with one call to the 800# on their webpage. Merry Christmas and a Healthy-Blessed New Year to all and to all a Good Night!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulbhead Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

  • Free Surprise Gift
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I " will not " Buy from people who advertise on this page. For the same Rip Off I got You support them I don't. The word will get around........


I just purchase the star shower at Kmart today January 20,2017. I am writing this email for my free gift.So how do I get my free gift?

My name is Cheryl Holness I reside at 1200 Marlton Pike E Apt 1404, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. Thank You.


The card included with the product does not mention a 800 #. It only has bulbhead.com/surprise. If the company were legitimate, they would not advertise one way to claim the gift and only honor the offer if you did something else.


I love my new starboard thank you. I would like to get different colores to use in summer.


I called the 800 number and just got the look it up on line again..............Still no good.


The starboard motion is bountiful.


Don't like tricks!!! Count me out. You should be able to sell your product because it's good not because you trick people!!


The enclosed card said... SURPRISE We are giving you a FREE GIFT.....

and the site said... blah blah blahblahblah blah blah.... chock it up to experance.. move on and just don't buy from them ever again....

I could give a *** about the $10...... Just don't *** us.


Looks like MR / MS "satisfied customer" is probably an employee and a promoter of "BulbHead.com. No place on the so-called "Free Gift" card, does it state anything about calling 1-800 BubbleHead for more info or a bait and switch routine.

The card just go to the site for details.

In reality, they plan on you giving up and just going away. What a rip !!


Disappointed does not cover the whole house 75 ft long


Wait. What?

So where is the free gift no strings attached??? C'mon. I cannot find any breath of a gift !!! *** !

(That's as dirty my language gets.

I'm a man of integrity. Not like Bulbhead)