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I go to clam my surprise and find out there is no surprise. False advertisement.

I'm so disappointed in product. There is no reason for the false advertising. I agree with the pissed off customer. I was thinking about going and purchasing another today, but if they have to resort to false advertising then I suspect their product will not up to their advertising either.

So I am going to return the flash light and get a refund. I hope the new administration in Washing cracks down on this kind of false advertising, I'm now going to check, I bet this is another product that is not made in AMERICA.

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Flashlight.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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Great crap in the mud!!??????!!!!! What the heck are you people talking about, I've purchased a lot of stuff from this site including the lanterns and the flashlights and plan to purchase more, Every thing I got works perfectly.

You people that complain about stuff being made in China, what do you have that isn't. to all of you that make obnoxious remarks I say GET A LIFE.


I bought two flashlights and a headlamp sorry I did now *** atomic everything


If you just type in surprise/Bulbhead you get $10.00 off your next order. I just used it to get the Lithium battery and charger. NOT false advertising!


what a scam it sucks


U R right! It's made in CHINA...


hey hey..why are you putting this lies $10 surprise...free gift and there is nothing here...


Ditto with the other customers. My product will also be returned.


must be a liberal


I know you had a message on the other side of the paper about having the right to cancel, but why did you say anything at all! It just upsets people to look forward to getting something & there's nothing there!


you are write I am also returning mine no need to fool people there is enough bull *** going in in this world

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