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Attention Ladies & Gentlemen: "Bulbhead" is a SCAM company....I repeat, total Scammers. Everything about them is Fake....i.e.

Fraud & Deception. All of there inventions were illegally obtained (stolen from honest inventors). Even their Logo is STOLEN. On their website, they have a link where inventors can share their ideas with Bulbhead...If you are Foolish enough to do this....they will TAKE your idea, and quickly file a Patent on it, while they Stall you...and the next thing you know, You will see Your invention being sold on TV with the Bulbhead logo on it.

Some fly-by-night scam artist will be getting paid and living large off of YOUR invention, while you are still struggling to make ends meet. These people are outright THIEVES!

Spread the word...Do NOT buy from Bulbhead scammers. Buyer beware....You have been warned.

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Bulbhead has vets on their commercials, claiming products to be "Made in America" and pretending to be so patriotic as a company. But in fact is owned by a *Foreigner* named Ajit Khubani also known as "The Knockoff King" becuase he steals others peoples inventions and makes knock offs of their products and then floods the tv airwaves to sell his cheap wares.

I highly doubt that your purchase will support American jobs or Veterans. He probably pockets most of the cash for himself other than what he might be funneling back to support causes of foreign interests.

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