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What a couple red copper mugs a few weeks back within days there's no tip over mechanism on my cup quit working and then they continuously expense never gets tight flex false ever ties thing on such a great couple they have, $20 wasted Says dishwasher safe so instead of washing in the dishwasher I wash it by hand and now the rubber part on the bottom that supposed to keep the cup from tipping over no longer have suction . No I have not contacted company after reading complaint figured it was no use. If future I will read all consumer complaints about a company and product before I decide to purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Red Copper Mug.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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the red copper mug is a ripoff both of mine peeled the coating on the outside. I would buy instead the rocky mountain tumbler


Purchased red copper bulb head cup yesterday. I used it for Coca Cola and it worked great.

However, today as it was sitting on a table it exploded. The cap flew to the ceiling and the rubber seal flew into the dining room.

It sounded like a gun shot. If the cup was near a person or child's face there would have been physical damage.

Do not trust or purchase this product.