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great product like the brightness and it is effective in blinding intruders and animal that wonder on my property.

the free gift I'm sure will be just as useful . most lights expire quickly and do not hold its brightness the atomic beam not only holds its brightness but conserves the life of the battery. I say where else can someone buy such an dependable item. please continue to develop such products that advance technology and help the public , I and my family are grateful. I am looking forward to the free gift and hoping that there are not coupons as I am limited to what my interest are, Please send my gift as soon as possible I'm hoping it is just as exciting as my atomic beam.

Thank you in advance.


Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Flashlight.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I bought two Atomic Beam motion lights. One from Publshers Clearinghouse and one from Target.

Both lasted less than a month.

Contacted the company and all they did was apologized for their product. Don't buy this light unless you want to wasted $20.00


"THE free gift"...? Yeah, this couldn't be a fake customer review.


Can you say "planted comment?"

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