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Exelent product even if required special backing treatment. I do not know what else you would like to read but if you would like the statement of one hundred words then I would like to mention that I bought the pan in the Bed Bath and Beyond in Aventura, Florida.

They have a very large selection of all kinds domestic products and are very reliable and helpful providing selection and technical assistance. The Bed Bath and Beyond store assistant recommended this specific pan because it caries a lifetime guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied the store would replace the product or refunded the money. It is the most reliable place to buy domestic and usually also very economical.

This is my impression of the purchase, I washed the pan, placed it with some oil in the preheated oven to 300 degrees for 20 or more minutes, then let it cool down to home temperature.

After removing excess oil we had some eggs and other breakfast items. Pan was totally clean and only required some rinsing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Copper Frying Pan.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Bulbhead Pros: Red copper fry pan.

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Thanks for the review. I just bought my copper pan & am looking forward to using it.

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